Portugal FC

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"For the past 50 years, Portuguese people have thrived in this country and are proud to call Canada - and Toronto - home."

On May 13, 1953, a contingent of 85 Portuguese immigrants (67 from mainland Portugal and 18 from the Azores Islands) sailing aboard the ship Saturina,
arrived at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While the presence of the Portuguese had been felt in Canada as far back as the 16th century, due to the
abundance of fishing opportunities off the east coast, it was estimated that only 500 Portuguese entered Canada between 1900 and 1949. The Portuguese and
Canadian governments had recently signed labour contract agreements, making Canada a popular place for migration in order to search of work. During the
1950s, 20,000 Portuguese immigrants arrived in Canada and the flow of immigrants increased over the next three decades.

It is estimated that close to 400,000 Portuguese people now live in Canada, approximately two-thirds living in Ontario. Toronto is the heart of the Portuguese community with over 160,000 Portuguese people.

Portugal FC is a Canadian soccer team, founded in 2001. The team is a member of the Canadian Soccer League, the highest professional soccer league in Canada, and play in the International Division. Until 2005 (when the new International Division was created), the team played as simply Toronto Supra, but changed their name prior to the beginning of the 2008 season to acknowledge the club’s ties to the local Portuguese community in Toronto.

In 2008, Portugal FC will play their home games at Lamport Stadium in the city of Toronto, Ontario.

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