The Portuguese football team is the team that represents the country in all international competitions. The team is comprised of 25 members, with a first squad commonly referred to as “starting eleven”. The team is housed under the Portuguese Football Federation.

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The team is made up of elite football players who pledge their allegiance to the country. The football team members are recruited from all over the country from among willing players in the country. The best players in the country are the ones that are chosen to represent the country in the toughest of competitions all over the world. Currently, the team is composed of renown players as listed below as per their field positions:

  1. R. Patricio 2. Joao Cancelo 3. R Dias 4. L Neto 5 R .Guerreiro 6.J Fonte 7.Bruma 8..R Sanches 9.Eder 10.J Mario 11.B Silva

And many others not listed above. The team has been groomed and trained to work as a unit for the better performance of the country. Their loyalty in football is to their country.
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The history of the Portugal football team dates back to December 1921 when the team engaged in its first match. The Portuguese Federation of football was founded in 1914 but unfortunately, the team never played any international matches until Dec !921. The team has played many times in the FIFA world cup, the Euros and other tournaments throughout history some of which they have won and others they went home with trophy number two.

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The Teams Greatest Achievements

Portugal is ranked number four in the world by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association which is French for International Federation of Football Association). This position has not come easily, the team has competed relentlessly over time and managed to bag several trophies as number ones, others as number twos and others as number threes. Unfortunately, the team has also had its downtimes and challenges.